GROW with us!

Together We Grow!

A new idea took root this year at Arts Alliance Tulsa (AAT)! It’s a fresh idea in fundraising and one that not only grows the arts, but also grows the beauty of our environment.

The Warren Foundation has generously gifted 100 mature trees ready for planting to AAT. Upon receiving this wonderful news, another relationship sprung to life, a partnership with Up with Trees. The collaboration of three organizations, benefitting 40 local arts organizations, has made this unique opportunity to benefit the arts while further beautifying Tulsa. For a $1000 donation to AAT, a beautiful tree will be selected from the Warren Tree Farm and then planted AND cared for by Up with Trees!

There are opportunities for individuals to do many great things at once, honor a loved one,  give a unique holiday gift, beautify Tulsa and support the arts. Three locations have been selected to have your “Honoring Tree” take root: The first is Booker T. Washington High School, a perfect way to honor students, faculty or alumni;  Hunter Park and for the arts lover, a designated Art’s Alliance Tulsa site at 21st and 169. Buy a tree for Clark Youth Theatre, Gilcrease Museum, Tulsa Ballet or any one of your passion projects.

This gift from The Warren Foundation and partnership with Up with Trees is very special and we look forward to it benefitting the arts while continuing their commitment to beautification of our community.

If you are involved in construction or renovation/beautification projects that need multiple trees, please contact us and we will discuss the details.


Help Grow the Arts, Plant a Tree.


Making it Possible!