AAT Home Members

A partnership between Arts Alliance Tulsa and REALTOR-ASSOCIATES® to advance our community's quality of life.

Introducing Chinowth & Cohen AAT HOME Leadership Circle Members

Standing, from left: Leland Chinowth,  Natalie Richardson,  Kitty Frame,  Jack Wallace,  Sheryl Chinowth,  Denise Mink, Virginia Miller – Seated, from left: Genni Davis,  John Sawyer,  Lee Cohen –  Not Pictured: Kathlyn Smith

If you wish to find or sell the perfect home AND support our city's quality of life, economy, education and health, we suggest you start with those who are dedicated not only to your home, but to each community they serve.


Genni Davis 918-636-5436

Kitty Frame 918-625-1195

Virginia Miller 918-704-3322

Denise Mink 918-284-7874

Natalie Richardson 918-409-8497

John Sawyer & Jack Wallace 918-289-7065

Kathlyn Smith 918-409-8998


Donna Andrews 918-625-4385

Pamela Braswell 918-855-7303

Barbara Martin 918-520-4342

Sarah Ramsey 918-671-4740


Sharon Atcheson
Beth Broach
Mary Cain
Becky Duffy

Angie Etzkorn
Randy & Susan Haslett
Terri Hesser
Lee Hurst
John Gibson Miller
Sherri Mullen