About Scott Taylor

We are proud to have Scott, his crew and ColorPop as our 2019 arts crew!

About the founder, Scott Taylor & ColorPop Art Lab

Scott Taylor debuted in 2014 with wall pieces featuring boldly colored abstract compositions and shapes. Since then, he has continued to shift and change, working in a wide variety of genres and mediums, including abstract painting, comic illustration, graphite and furniture builds. After the abstract pieces, Taylor discovered painterly expressionism as the fitting style for his vision and turned primarily to the depiction of animals. His projects seem united by a desire to represent the vibrancy and “ordered chaos” of life, particularly in the animal kingdom. All his projects have manifested Taylor’s desire to find visual analogs for the metaphysical  commotion of organic life.  His clients include LipSense, OKEQ, Art’s Alliance,  Oklahoma Foodbank of Eastern Oklahoma, Mayo Demonstration School and the OSU Cardiovascular Hospital.



We’re ColorPop, a professional resource for all kinds of commissioned art and live events. Our hand-picked artists are experts at listening to your unique ideas and turning them into unforgettable artwork or experiences you’ll be excited to share.

We believe art connects people and elevates occasions — and that artistic inspiration is in all of us. Because what makes art original is you.