ARTini Tulsa

Saturday, August 10, 2024

Hosted at TU’s Oklahoma Center for the Humanities101 East Archer.

Why Arts Support Matters to You​

When we talk about the value of arts and culture to society, we need to speak not just about aesthetics, but about the economy, health, quality of life and education. We need to speak about the arts not just as an industry, but as a strategic national resource. If you want to learn about a society, look at its cultural output. The arts reflect not only who we are, but who we aspire

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ARTini promises an exquisite martini-tasting experience complemented by entertainment, delectable local cuisine, and an exclusive art auction.

This event serves as a crucial fundraising initiative, channeling essential funds to support the thriving arts scene in Tulsa. We’ve invited local restaurants to craft their finest martini creations, each expertly paired with a delightful food combination.

By participating, you contribute to the enrichment of Tulsa’s arts landscape and partake in an unforgettable evening in the heart of the downtown Tulsa Arts District. The proceeds generated will directly benefit over 40 arts and culture nonprofits, shaping the beautiful and vibrant arts community that defines our city. Your presence and support are invaluable in ensuring the continued success of Tulsa’s cultural endeavors. We look forward to sharing this memorable experience with you.

Supporting ARTini means contributing to the vitality of our arts community, directly enhancing our community's overall quality of life.
Join us! Strengthen the health of the entire arts community through a single gift to Arts Alliance Tulsa.



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