5 · 4 · 5 Birthday Celebration!

Arts Alliance Tulsa Celebrates its 5th Birthday!

Celebrating Today Will Help Tulsa Recover Tomorrow

Arts Alliance Tulsa (AAT) opened its doors five years ago this month with the goal of attracting and providing support for our city’s remarkable arts and culture non-profit industry.   After a year-and-a-half of research and preparation, it was evident a United Arts Fund (UAF) was long overdue for “America’s Most Generous City.”™   This was reflected in a study conducted nationally by Americans for the Arts in 2003 where researchers found that those art organizations supported by a UAF had more revenue and twice the net worth of their counterparts in non-arts fund cities.

This year, after theatres shut down, museums were shuttered, performances and exhibits canceled and arts education halted in organizations across the country, The Brookings Institution, a nonprofit public policy organization based in Washington, DC, released a report in August titled Lost art: Measuring COVID-19’s devastating impact on America’s creative economy.  What the report determined is sobering.*

The arts make up more of our economy than most people realize.   In Oklahoma alone, the arts are nearly a $1 billion industry creating tens of thousands of jobs and generating millions in tax revenue.  They not only strengthen our community socially, educationally and economically, they attract cultural tourists who eat in our restaurants, sleep in our hotels, shop in our retail outlets, park in our garages, and purchase tickets to our events.

As we adjust to the new normal, we must also look ahead to life in our community post-pandemic.   There will be a long recovery period and research shows the arts will be an essential tool in economic recovery and in the revitalization of our society.

While our city’s arts, cultural and arts education entities are far from thriving today, we must ensure they survive for they have an important role to play in our recovery.   Arts Alliance Tulsa is working every day to ensure the survival of these great institutions but we can’t do it without your help.

In recognition of our 5th Anniversary, we have created 5 different ways you can help ensure Tulsa’s arts and culture institutions will be there for you to visit on a day when masks are no longer required.   We realize these are difficult times for everyone so we are asking for as little as $5 per month.  If you can afford more, that’s great but a donation of any amount will make an enormous difference and will serve as a much-appreciated birthday gift.

*Lost art: Measuring COVID-19’s devastating impact on America’s creative economy.  What the report determined is sobering.   Their conclusions include:

  • “The creative economy is one of the sectors most at risk from the COVID-19 crisis. Arts, culture, and creativity are one of three key sectors (along with science and technology as well as business and management) that drive regional economies. Any lasting damage to the creative sector will drastically undercut our culture, well-being, and quality of life.”


  • The fine and performing arts industries will be hit hardest, suffering estimated losses of almost 1.4 million jobs and $42.5 billion in sales…”


  • …we estimate losses of more than 2.3 million jobs and $74 billion in average monthly earnings for the creative occupations…” “Again, creative occupations in the fine and performing arts—which include the visual arts, music, theater, and dance—will be disproportionally affected, representing roughly a third of wage employment losses.”


  • “…The South is estimated to suffer the most losses in employment for both the creative industries and creative occupations, when we look at the share of losses, the biggest losses occur in smaller states.”

Vast.bank will match your gift this month to Arts Alliance Tulsa’s 5th Birthday Celebration.

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5 · 4 · 5

A gift of $5 or $10 dollars a month is an affordable commitment with a big impact.  Become a monthly donor for less than the cost of a phone app and support Tulsa arts and economy every day.

While this may seem like the smallest amount, it has the biggest impact. This is grass-roots and your monthly dedication means more than you know. Think about it, we can spend $5 – $10 (easily) simply playing a mindless game on our phone with hidden in-app fees. What if we skipped just one beverage a month? NOW, think of what that $5 or $10, combined with many others, could do for our local arts community, our youth and our local economy. It is huge, it matters, it changes the game and you are part of it. We need you on this in any amount that fits your life.

The Non-Event Event

Like so many others, Arts Alliance Tulsa felt the responsibility to cancel fundraising events for 2020. For a one-time gift of $100 you just bought The Non-Event Event Ticket! Stay safe and warm while still helping the arts.

Brad Pitt will not be there.

Money Does Grow From Trees

Celebrate someone special in a unique way. For a gift of $1,000, you just planted a tree that will bear your name or someone you would like to honor. “Growing” the arts in this way is possible due to a partnership with The William K. Warren Foundation and Up with Trees.

Join The Patron League

After living in a year where there is no “normal” in our arts community, The Patron League was forged from existing initiatives and combined into one giving circle designed for those individuals committed to preserving and promoting the value, diversity, and advancement of art, culture, and arts education in Tulsa. 

You Have the Power!

A gift of any amount is fantastic, but your voice can add equal power with your friends that are tied to the corporate world.  Growing corporate support of local arts and culture has been a guiding principle of Arts Alliance Tulsa throughout the past five years.   If you are employed with or have a connection to a business or corporation that can support the non-profit arts community, please encourage them to donate to Arts Alliance Tulsa and its 40+ member grantees.