For Love & Art

For Love & Art brings the Art Experience to those with limited mobility. For Love & Art is in the business of healing, rejuvenating and ‘dusting’ broken spirits – even if just for a little while – through simple human love, digital technology and the preternatural power of art…

For Love & Art is a nonprofit founded by a hospice volunteer and a physician with the goal of bringing museum masterpieces and the “Art Experience” to people with limited mobility or long-term illness. The founders and supports of this project believe that simply viewing  artwork opens a door to conversation unleashing a powerful, creative and unique experience for people, and that sharing this experience fulfills the essence of being human.

“In partnership with participating museums, inspiring and uplifting images from prestigious collections are downloaded onto portable digital ArtBooks.

Volunteers share works of human genius with recipients, providing a form of art therapy and brief liberation from sufferings and concerns. Hearts are uplifted and bruised spirits nurtured – and celebration ensues!

For Love & Art digital ArtBooks contain vivid masterpieces from among the world’s greatest museums. ArtBooks are durable, easy to use, easy to clean and easy to maintain.” – For Love & Art


Art as a tool for health ...

Arts Alliance is proud to partner with the Dallas-based program, For Love & Art, and Grace Hospice Foundation in launching a new program for Tulsa’s hospices, nursing homes, hospitals, VA Medical Centers and similar venues.

For Love & Art empowers caregivers to engage people to reflect, remember and share their experiences while viewing museum masterpieces. By this simple act of sitting with a volunteer and “visiting” museums from around the globe allows the power of art to transform fear, loneliness, and boredom into beauty, joy and conversation.

The role of Arts Alliance in this project ...

The first role of AAT is that of administrator:

  • House and update the digital books
  • Work with volunteer coordinator/assist with training
  • Track and record location and user
  • Connect venues to our resources

Our “bigger picture” is not only to spread this healing tool to underserved populations in our great city, but to connect our museums to the system. Yes, we believe the world should learn about Tulsa’s great treasures like Philbrook, Gilcrease, the Woody Guthrie Center and others.

Arts benefits:
-A sense of control
-Reduces depression/anxiety
-encourages playfulness
-Improves cognition
-Sensory stimulation
-Fosters a stronger sense of identity
-Increases self-esteem
-Nurtures spirituality
-Reduces boredom.

Do you wish to volunteer and share this experience with others, we would love to have you. Please click the volunteer form below and you will be contacted by our Tulsa coordinator to discuss details.

Volunteer Application