Grant Application 2019

Alliance  noun
al·​li·​ance | ~Merriam-Webster

: an association to further the common interests of the members.

We are happy to welcome you to Arts Alliance Tulsa’s 2019 application process. Below you will find some helpful tips and important information.

  1. Under the “members” tab, we have provided the application in its entirety. It may be time-conducive to utilize resources to gather all statistics and figures required before you move to the online form. Please only submit the online/fillable form.
  2. Once online, we highly recommend that you copy and paste your answers to a Word Doc. before “saving” and going to the next page. Technology is wonderful, until it’s not. Glitches are few, but play it safe. If saving any page to come back later, we highly recommend saving your generated access code to your desktop. A high percentage of emailed codes end up in junk folders.
  3. Please feel free to contact or or with any questions or issues.
  4. Unlike foundations or government grants, the amount granted to AAT member organizations is a direct result of the fundraising efforts of all associated with AAT.  It is in the best interest of every member to promote, support, be participative and foster a positive attitude for AAT and its members.  By continuing to the application, you agree to engage accordingly with AAT’s efforts.
  5. A variety of criteria will be used in the review of applications.  The financial need of the organization, audience size and diversity, sustainability, and presence and visibility of the organization in the city of Tulsa will all be considered when determining a successful application.
  6. The Membership and Allocation Committee will review each application and a decision on the 2019 grantees will be announced by mid-January.
  7. If your organization is accepted, you will be provided marketing requirements and requests so we can all begin the work ahead.

By continuing to the application, you acknowledge you have read and understand the above.