JHC Society

Introducing the founding members of the Jane Heard Clinton Society:

Jane Carroll Heard accompanied her soon-to-be husband, Dr. Fred Stevens Clinton, to Tulsa in 1897. A young, cultured, aristocrat from Georgia, she is largely responsible for bringing arts and culture to what was at the time, a “cow town.” A musician herself, Jane was a charter member of the Philbrook Art Center, Tuesday Book Club, and Hyechka Club. She was instrumental in bringing the New York Symphony to Tulsa in 1911 and in building Convention Hall (now the Brady Theatre) in 1914. Jane Heard Clinton is known as the “cultural soul” of Tulsa. She and her friends set the precedent for the women of Tulsa to continue their legacy in support of the arts.

The arts in Tulsa are as vibrant as they are because of the contributions of our city's women philanthropists. As a component of Arts Alliance Tulsa (AAT) this honorary group recognizes those accomplishments of the past as well as fuels the continuation of that legacy in the future by supporting 40 local arts organizations. Current members span three generations, embodying Tulsa’s past, present, and future.

Ellen Adelson
Nicci Atchley

Mary Athens
Madison Baird
Stephanie Cameron
Martha Cordell
Sally Davies
Patty Eaton
Gayle Eby
Judge Kelly Greenough
Michelle Hardesty
Leanne Helmerich
Peggy Helmerich
Marilyn Inhofe-Tucker
Karla Hoose
Karen Keith
Sharon King-Davis
Janet Levit
Victoria McArtor
Anna Inhofe
Lindsey LaZaroff
Kate Cabiness Austin
Judge Caroline Wall



Rebecca Marks-Jimerson
Hannah Murray
Anna Norberg
Maddy Kennedy
Jackie Price
Cassie Reese Tipton
Lesa Smaligo
Margaret Swimmer
Barbara Sylvan
Melanie Tate
Taylor Tate
Kate Thomas
Teresa Valero
Cheryl Waldeck
Megan Whittaker Nesbit
Penny Williams
Dana Wilkes
Beth Winchester
Anna Davies
Katie Jones
Karen Kelley
Stacy Sprague
Michelle Place


If interested, we would love to talk or meet with you. Please contact Anna Inhofe at anna@artstulsa.org or (918) 289-0222 for further information.

Join today!

Membership Levels:

Leading Lady Jane:

  • $1,000 donation for a one-year membership
  • 2 tickets to an invitation-only patron party

Lady Jane:

  • $500 donation for a one-year membership

Junior Jane (available to ladies 40 and younger):

  • $250 donation for a one-year membership

-All JHCS members are invited to:
-An evening soirée in November 2018
-Activities and receptions throughout the year, including behind-the-scenes tours of Alliance member organizations.