AAT Grant Information

Your 2020 AAT Grant Application is due by January 17, 2019 at 5:00PM (CNT)

Local arts organizations that meet the eligibility requirements can apply each year for an Arts Alliance Tulsa grant. Once the applications are reviewed and approved, by an AAT board-appointed committee, the applicant will become an Alliance Member Organization for that year.

  • Grant applications go live on artstulsa.org by the mid-November or no later then the first week of  December each year.
  • Organizations are notified of their grant status within the first week of February of the following year.
  • Grants are awarded to each AAT organization in the month of December of the year they were awarded membership..
  • Due to holiday events and staff vacation, we strongly suggest studying your application from the previous year, if you have applied in the past. Please use questions from former applications to gather information in advance, it will make your process smoother.
  • WE ARE AWARE THAT YOU MAY NOT HAVE YOUR TAX INFORMATION FOR THE IMMEDIATE YEAR PRIOR. WE ASK FOR YOUR MOST RECENT COMPLETED AND OFFICIAL TAX/FINANCIAL INFORMATION. PLEASE NOTE: the same tax/financial records will not be accepted two years in a row. This simply means all official records you submit for an AAT grant should have advanced to the next filing year.
  • The granting cycle is a 12-month (one calendar year) process from start to finish.

All information provided by each arts organization is given to the Membership and Allocations Committee to study in advance of the annual Alliance Membership meeting. Each Organization’s application and support material is discussed and the most balanced group of grantees is created.

  • What is considered?
    -Does the org. meet all eligibility requirements?
    -Do they support art in areas that are unique or in underserved communities?
    -What is the economic impact of this org. on the community at large?
    -What is the reach of the the org. within the community?
    -What educational opportunities do they offer and what is the reach (Numbers participating)?
    -All demographic information is noted.
    -If a returning org., how did you work with AAT toward a successful campaign result? Were you an active participant?
    -If a returning org., how was your grant used to further your org.?
    -How is the org. working to further itself?
    -Is the org. sustainable?
    -What final combination of orgs. creates the best possible mix of visual arts, performing arts, demographical diversity, uniqueness, impact and positioning of Tulsa within the region.

In order for our supporters to feel confident in making an investment in Arts Alliance Tulsa, AAT collects data and verifies that best business practices are followed by our member organizations. A select sub-committee of AAT’s board of directors reviews the applications then selects the most balanced group of grantees possible by using some of the following considerations:


-Does the organization meet all eligibility requirements?

-Do they demonstrate artistic vibrancy and uniqueness?

-Do they provide access to the arts for underserved demographics or neighborhoods?

-What is the measurable economic impact of this organization on the community at large?

-What is the organization’s scope of outreach within the community?

-What educational opportunities do they offer and what is the measurable impact in numbers?

-If a returning member, how was the previous AAT grant used to further the organization’s artistic and operational objectives?

-How is the organization working to sustain itself and self-assess its progress?

-What final combination of organizations creates the best possible mix of visual arts, performing arts, demographical diversity, uniqueness, impact and positioning of Tulsa within the region?

Annual grant allocations are awarded according to each organization’s previous overall fundraising results.

·Apply annually for the AAT grant.

·Market your organization as a member of Arts Alliance Tulsa.

·Place the Arts Alliance Tulsa logo on all promotional material.

·Provide your organization’s calendar events to AAT in order for us to help  promote your events.

·In order to continue to track economic impact of the arts to our city, we will need for you to share your organization’s statistics and analytics during the application process. This information assists with a more accurate view on the economic impact of our arts organizations and cultural tourism that arts bring to our city.

Unlike foundations or government grants, the amount granted to AAT member organizations is a direct result of the fundraising efforts of all associated with AAT.  It is in the best interest of every member to promote, support, be participative and foster a positive attitude for AAT and its members.

No. This is an application for a grant. The word “Member” refers to all accepted organizations as “members” of an alliance.

Alliance  noun
al·​li·​ance | ~Merriam-Webster : an association to further the common interests of the members.

No. We not only want you to continue to work to better your organization, if accepted for an ATT grant, your pay-out is dependent on the contributed revenue you generate that year. AAT’s fundraising and marketing efforts are intended to supplement your continued great work.

It is not in our mission to be a programing entity.

We present annual fundraising events and grow unique funding initiatives (see: JHC Society and AAT Home) that connect to our diverse community and create the opportunity for continued and sustainable funding by businesses and individuals.