Member FAQs

No. This is an application for a grant.

Not only does an organization not have to pay fees, they receive discounts and limited comp tickets to certain fundraising events.

  • Grant applications are available at on December 1st of  each year.
  • Organizations are notified of their grant status within the first week of February of the following year.
  • Grants are awarded to each AAT organization in the month of December of the following year.
  • The granting cycle is a 12-month (one calendar year) process from start to finish.

No. We want you to continue to work to better your organization. AAT’s fundraising and marketing efforts are intended to supplement your continued great work.

It is not in our mission be a programing entity .

We present annual fundraising events and grow unique funding initiatives (see: JHC Society and AAT Home) that connect to our diverse community and create the opportunity for continued and sustainable funding by businesses and individuals.

In recent decades, state and federal funding of the arts has steadily declined. Today, a majority of any arts organizations income is contributed revenue from local sources. Tulsa civic leaders recognize that we must find new and additional funding from within our community. Because United Arts Funds work to increase corporate, foundation and individual giving in their communities, it was now time for Tulsa to join the other 40 U.S. cities that currently benefit from such an organization.

Local arts organizations that meet the eligibility requirements can apply each year for an Arts Alliance Tulsa grant. Once the applications are reviewed and approved, by an AAT board-appointed committee, the applicant will become an Alliance organization for that year.

·Apply annually for the AAT grant.

·Market your organization as a member of Arts Alliance Tulsa.

·Place the Arts Alliance Tulsa logo on all promotional material.

·Provide your organization’s calendar events to AAT in order for us to help  promote your events.

·We have begun an accurate “big-picture” look at how the arts impact our city. In order to continue that, we will need for you to share your organization’s statistics and analytics during the application process. This information assists with a more accurate view on the economic impact of our arts organizations and cultural tourism that arts bring to our city.

We thank you for your vocal and visual support of Arts Alliance Tulsa. This support helps us raise money for all organizations that are part of AAT.


Grant Eligibility Criteria

  • Only EITHER non-profit arts, history, or culture organizations with 501(c)(3) state and federal tax-exempt status operating within the City of Tulsa, that have arts, history, or culture as its primary purpose and that provide those services and programs of significant quality and impact for the general public may apply.
  • Organizations must have completed three full years of continuous operation (application deadline must be at least two years from the date of 501(c)(3) determination).
  • Organization’s activities must be open and accessible to the general public.
  • Organization must be located in, serve, and benefit the City of Tulsa.
  • Organization’s mission must have arts, history, and/or culture as its primary purpose.
  • Organization cannot carry an accumulated deficit of more than 40% of its annual budget.
  • Organization must have an active board of directors.
  • Organization should have a well-defined annual operating plan and budget and at least a two-year strategic or long-range plan.

Organization must have non-discrimination, conflict of interest, and accessibility policies.

Traditionally, UAFs fund unrestricted operating support to the core institutions that define their city’s cultural identity–the symphony, ballet, opera, theater, museums, arts education, and more. Today, grant allocations are increasingly more open to the diversity of the community, requiring member organizations to reflect the differences and needs of the whole community.  Annual grants are rewarded according to the organizations’ previous fundraising results. In addition to grant monies, UAFs provide continued umbrella arts marketing and audience development support to local communities.