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Artists Sought Through Request for Proposals

REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL – Artist Search “Adopt a Hallway”

Objective/Purpose: Local artist sought for dynamic mural project within Monroe Demonstration Academy (our “adopt a hallway project.”)

Monroe Demonstration Academy is a public middle school, a part of the Tulsa Public Schools network which serves students from the McLain Feeder Pattern in the beautiful, vibrant community of North Tulsa.  We are in search of local artists who are excited to partner with our students, families, and community members to create a school mural/murals that are truly representative of our community and one that will touch the lives of youth for years to come. A mural by its nature will bring Monroe’s history and its community together into the public sphere.

History: Monroe Demonstration Academy has gone through many changes over the years. Most recently in 2019, when Monroe went from a magnet school to a neighborhood school and went from serving around 250 students to now close to 850 students.  Monroe went through a large expansion and now encompasses 4 different buildings.  Yet, through those additions, there are open, on average,10 x 10 sections “canvas” of walls that would be the perfect opportunity to create art related to Monroe.


  1. Artist will meet 3 times with our student and community voice committee to gain insight, perspective, and ideas for the mural creation. (all CDC guidelines will be followed. This may mean online meetings.)
  2. Artist will use input from the community voice panel in the design of the mural.
  3. Artist will submit a draft proposal of the mural to the Adopt a Hallway committee for final approval

Pricing:  While Monroe is a public school and we struggle with funding, we were given a very generous donation from the Henry and Ann Zarrow Foundation.  Thanks to this grant, we will be able to compensate each artist $1,500 for this project along with the supplies for each artist.

Timeline:  The deadline for submission is COB on October 5th and our team will notify artists by EOD on Friday the 9th.

  • First meeting with the community voice committee; week of October 14, 2020
  • First draft of Mural completed; week of October 28, 2020
  • Second Meeting with community voice committee; week of October 28 , 2020
  • Final submission of artwork approval to the Adopt a Hallway Committee November 6, 2020
  • Upon approval, work on Mural begins November13, 2020

Submission Details:

-Please submit your name, website (if applicable), and previous work samples.

-Please provide a short statement as to why this would be a meaningful and worthy project. And the benefits of working with Monroe’s community.

-Tell us of any past community and youth workshops or collaborative efforts you have been part of (if applicable to you).

-Please send your submission documents and questions to

-Please send all press requests to Chad Oliverson:


Growing successful global scholars while fostering a passion to learn, transform and navigate the world in which they live. 



Monroe Demonstration Academy offers our scholars unique opportunities to engage in real-world learning through the microsociety model as productive members of our microsociety, Monrovia. Monroe scholars are encouraged to search for real-world applications for their learning, and our teachers use technology and project-based learning to create true 21st century academic experiences. In our microsociety, each scholar holds a job and contributes to the health and success of Monrovia, learning about citizenship, different professions, life skills, budgeting, and personal finance. Students also build strong relationships with each other and with their teachers through our TRIBES program, which places a strong emphasis on school community as a support and ensuring the healthy development for day-to-day struggles our scholars may face.

Monroe students can:

  • Be a teacher, lawyer, real estate agent, banker, business owner, or even mayor in our Monrovia microsociety;
  • Select from a wide variety of speciality courses and programs, including AP courses and electives; and
  • Interact with a diverse group of peers, teachers, and school staff in a safe and engaging school environment.

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“I am a Monroe Scholar, therefore, I am excellent.
We are what we repeatedly do, therefore, excellence is not an act but a habit.
I do not fear success but embrace it. 
I believe impossible is nothing so I can achieve anything. 
I am a Monroe Scholar; I am the change, seeking a respectful revolution not just for me but all humankind.”

A note from Monroe Interim Principal, Robert Kaiser

“We are so excited here at Monroe to have the opportunity to partner with Tulsa Arts Alliance in creating positive, uplifting, and empowering murals that are truly reflective of our students, school and community. We are in search of artists who are interested in collaborating with students, parents, and community members who, through this radical collaboration, will create lasting murals that are truly reflective of our amazing, powerful, and beautiful North Tulsa Community,”