Monroe Murals


Meet the Artists!!!


Growing successful global scholars while fostering a passion to learn, transform and navigate the world in which they live. 



Monroe Demonstration Academy offers our scholars unique opportunities to engage in real-world learning through the microsociety model as productive members of our microsociety, Monrovia. Monroe scholars are encouraged to search for real-world applications for their learning, and our teachers use technology and project-based learning to create true 21st century academic experiences. In our microsociety, each scholar holds a job and contributes to the health and success of Monrovia, learning about citizenship, different professions, life skills, budgeting, and personal finance. Students also build strong relationships with each other and with their teachers through our TRIBES program, which places a strong emphasis on school community as a support and ensuring the healthy development for day-to-day struggles our scholars may face.

Monroe students can:

  • Be a teacher, lawyer, real estate agent, banker, business owner, or even mayor in our Monrovia microsociety;
  • Select from a wide variety of speciality courses and programs, including AP courses and electives; and
  • Interact with a diverse group of peers, teachers, and school staff in a safe and engaging school environment.


“I am a Monroe Scholar, therefore, I am excellent.
We are what we repeatedly do, therefore, excellence is not an act but a habit.
I do not fear success but embrace it. 
I believe impossible is nothing so I can achieve anything. 
I am a Monroe Scholar; I am the change, seeking a respectful revolution not just for me but all humankind.”

A bit about the project ...

Monroe Demonstration Academy is a public middle school, a part of the Tulsa Public Schools network which serves students from the McLain Feeder Pattern in the beautiful, vibrant community of North Tulsa.  We are excited to partner with our students, families, and community members to create a school mural/murals that are truly representative of our community and one that will touch the lives of youth for years to come. A mural by its nature will bring Monroe’s history and its community together into the public sphere.

Meet the artists ...


Melody Allen is from Tulsa, Oklahoma. She began pursuing art professionally in 2010 at Oral Roberts University where. she received a degree in Studio Arts in 2015. While attending Oral Roberts, Melody improved in the skillset of: acrylic painting, oil painting. figure drawing, print work. watercolor. illustration & design, and color theory. In 2018. she joined the newly founded black-based artist collective, Black Moon of Tulsa. With Black Moon she has done many projects including: their successful first show during the Tulsa Art Crawl for April 2018, Decorating the Brady Mansion for the Breakout convention After Party for both 2018 and 2019, their first Black Lives Matter Mural on June 19, 2020 for Juneteenth. and their most current Black Lives Matter Mural started on Oct 12, 2020 and finished Oct 18, 2020. In which both murals Melody Allen has co-designed. A goal for Melody to achieve is to leave a lasting impression of positivity. inspiration, and encouragement with the art she makes and looks forward to doing this. continuing with the Mural Project for Monroe Demonstration Academy.

The “Cornerstone Word” that will inspire her mural … RESPONSIBILITY


Gabriel Rojas is an abstract painter, muralist, and mixed media artist from Tulsa, Oklahoma (born Argentina). He studied Fine Arts at Oklahoma State University and has exhibited and created murals statewide. He currently lives and works in Tulsa, OK. Mr. Rojas works to investigate the various systems of abstraction and formal relationships of space and color. He often includes collage, mixed media, assemblage, and sculptural design in the process of “painting”; creating visual structures that interweave his multiple influences. This interplay is about exploring the potential of the material to connect process with memory.

The “Cornerstone Word” that will inspire hIS mural … EXCELLENCE


Lucinda Jones is an Oklahoma-based portrait artist who values exploring the unique aesthetic of the world and all that it presents. Whether she is preparing cuisine and sculpting cakes or painting portraits and murals, Ms. Jones offers a diverse skill set. Her adoration for art manifested from personal experiences that have since fueled her passion for serving the youth and creating an outlet for their voices to be heard. In 2019. Ms. Jones·s self empowering art series titled. ‘What’s Your Story?” was featured in several art exhibitions across the state. Additionally. Ms. Jones was selected to present ‘What’s Your Story?” to students at Millwood High School In Oklahoma City. This project illustrates the power of the youth’s voices and emphasizes the significance of discovering self importance through inner strength and perseverance. Ms. Jones currently serves as a culinary art instructor at Metro Technology Center and is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts.

The “Cornerstone Word” that will inspire her mural … EMPOWERMENT


Alexander Tamahn is a Tulsa-based multidisciplinary creative and proud founding member of Black Moon Collective. a preeminent cohort of young Black artists helping lead Tulsa’s renaissance. A Texas native. Chicago and Grand Rapids, Michigan raised, Tulsa transplant, Alexander began thoughtfully engaging with social impact work through adolescent addictions counseling during his tenure at Tulsa Boys· Home upon graduating from Oral Roberts University. As his competencies in trauma-informed care grew in the mental and behavioral health field, so did his agency as an emerging artist. Today Alexander enjoys a fruitful creative practice at the intersections of art. design, and social impact. partnering largely with regional institutions and organizations to provide art instruction. mentorship. and leadership development to youth and young adults through programs like DISRUPT and Tulsa Orbit Initiative. His work has been featured on HGTV and DIV cable television networks; can be seen in collections throughout the US: and is bla2oned across the Tulsa Cityscape. as he has public work on a number of building facades.

The “Cornerstone Word” that will inspire his mural … COMMUNITY

A note from Monroe Interim Principal, Robert Kaiser

“We are so excited here at Monroe to have the opportunity to partner with Tulsa Arts Alliance in creating positive, uplifting, and empowering murals that are truly reflective of our students, school and community. We are in search of artists who are interested in collaborating with students, parents, and community members who, through this radical collaboration, will create lasting murals that are truly reflective of our amazing, powerful, and beautiful North Tulsa Community,”