Arts Alliance Tulsa (AAT) has established the Play your pART RELIEF FUND to help stabilize the sector with immediate relief grants for vulnerable arts organizations negatively impacted by COVID-19.  Arts organizations are bracing for worst case scenarios which could include closure, bankruptcy and insolvency. The goal of AAT’s Play you pART RELIEF FUND is to enable arts and cultural organizations to maintain essential functions and retain core staff throughout the current public health crisis so that they are positioned to reopen when possible.


Undertaken to address the catastrophic effects of COVID-19 on Tulsa’s cultural community, the Play your pART RELIEF FUND has been created by Arts Alliance Tulsa as an emergency response of its mission to strengthen and support the arts for the benefit of the Tulsa community.  AAT is committed to the health and recovery of our 43 member organizations and will serve as the hub for the COVID-19 Play your pART RELIEF FUND. With the cooperation of our stakeholders, constituents and members, AAT will continue developing information, conducting fundraising, receiving contributions, and distributing grants.

It is our hope to substantially grow the FUND over the next few weeks with the help and generosity of all Tulsans who believe that art and culture are essential to the social, mental, physical and emotional health of every human being and critical to the growth and economic stability of our city.

This early effort is aimed at providing immediate relief to enable arts organizations to retain the core functions and staff they need to reopen when possible.  AAT plans to continue raising support for continued granting as the longer-term impacts become known and arts and culture organizations begin their recovery efforts.


Grants will be made as emergency relief payments. Award amounts will vary based on scope of programs, emerging needs, and total resources available. Additional rounds of grants will be made depending on resource availability.


Arts Alliance Tulsa will work closely with an advisory committee to make grants that respond to the most immediate and critical needs among our 43 arts and cultural organizations, many of whom don’t have the staff or resources to raise funds outside of their current plans.

All 43 Tulsa arts nonprofits that comprise AAT’s alliance membership have been surveyed recently about the general needs and projected impact of the COVID-19 restrictions on their staff, operations and revenue stream.


You can donate to the fund now:

Note: To bolster charitable giving in a time of economic downturn, the CARES Act provides a $300 above-the-line tax deduction for charitable giving for those who do not itemize their deductions. This is not a permanent provision and will expire at the end of tax year 2020. The CARES Act also raises itemized charitable contribution deduction limits for individuals who itemize their deductions from 60% AGI to 100% AGI and claim the charitable contribution deduction.

For more information on contributing to the fund, contact Director of Development Anna Inhofe at

For more information on eligibility, Todd Cunningham at

For all other inquiries, please contact


During difficult times, people often turn to the arts for hope, inspiration, courage, and a vision for how to move forward. Here is what Arts Alliance Tulsa has implemented so far and what we are planning in response to the grave situation facing the Tulsa arts community.

–Providing information and resources to Tulsa’s arts nonprofits to help them access the Small Business loans available through the CARES Act and all Federal and State arts grants  to keep their organization running through the critical months ahead.

– Created a comprehensive COVID-19 and the Arts Resource page on the AAT website.

–Created a closed FaceBook group as a communication platform for sharing issues, exchanging ideas and collaborating on solutions among our nonprofit groups.

–Conducted a risk assessment survey with all 43 AAT member groups to determine their current status and to estimate critical needs in the near future. This assessment is ongoing.

Postponed AAT fundraising events until 2021.

Cut AAT’s 2020 operating expenses to make more funds available to our 43 member organizations in their time of need.

–Established the Play your pART Relief Fund to raise awareness and funds in order to stabilize and support the Tulsa arts community at this unprecedented time.

–Analyzed and re-prioritized criteria for grant allocations based on the urgent needs of our most vulnerable organizations with precedence given to maintaining compensation and insurance for essential employees while also sustaining any facility and basic operations necessary for the organization’s survival.


–Stay informed. If you have or had plans to attend an arts and cultural activity, check that organization’s social media and website for updates and communications. Some  events and arts experiences are moving forward virtually. Check with the individual organization to stay up to date on their plans and follow Arts Alliance Tulsa (AAT) on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for the latest updates.

–If you are unable to attend an arts or cultural event that you previously planned to attend for any reason, instead of a refund please consider donating your unused ticket back to the organization. Transferring your ticket purchase to a donation supports arts organizations’ futures in an uncertain time.

Share a message of support on social media, either sharing Arts Alliance Tulsa’s  posts or creating your own.

–If you have the resources, consider making a financial contribution to your favorite arts and cultural organization.

–If you’d like to help Arts Alliance Tulsa galvanize financial support for the survival of 43 Tulsa arts nonprofits during this critical time, join AAT’s emergency response by donating to the Play your pART Relief Fund to ensure that you and your family will have theatres, museums, galleries, concerts, performances, and educational arts programming to return to when this crisis ends.

Our arts community is committed and resilient, but they need support now so they can survive to help Tulsa recover, heal and restore the quality of life we all desire and expect to be there when this crisis ends.

Thank you for standing with Tulsa’s arts and cultural community in this uncertain and unprecedented moment. Let’s stay strong TOGETHER!


An Important Message to Supporters of the Arts and Arts Alliance Tulsa (AAT):

This is an unprecedented time in our city. A way of life that many Tulsans have taken for granted remains in jeopardy. Mayor G.T. Bynum, in an effort to help stem the spread of the novel coronavirus, issued a civil emergency declaration and executive order. This, along with the governor’s executive order mandates that Oklahomans follow CDC guidelines by banning gatherings of more than 10 people and closing nonessential businesses.  In response, Tulsa County attractions including museums, theatres, concerts, galleries, and educational cultural programming have been shut down, cancelled or postponed indefinitely.  Arts Alliance Tulsa stands together with our cultural partners, public agencies, and civic and community partners to slow the spread of COVID-19 and support the efforts to do what is necessary and effective to stem the outbreak.

At the same time, we know that the strong and active measures mandated, on top of COVID-19 impacts occurring even before these directives, are having immediate and devastating effects on our city’s arts nonprofits, artists, cultural workers, and supporting businesses. We are hearing from most of the 43local arts organizations that AAT serves about the immediate and significant losses in revenue from tickets and admissions, as well as cancellations and postponement of their fundraising efforts.

We want to be clear – a loss of revenue for arts organizations is not loss of profit, it’s loss of the funds that provide paychecks for artists, musicians, teachers, staff, and contract workers, coupled with a loss of powerful artistic experiences for people in our community. It is with great thanks that our country and state have assisted in lifting some of the weight of payroll, but this did not touch all organizations that add to our full tapestry of arts. Some pressure has been relieved, but it will be up to our community, in the end, to take care of our own.

These losses are profound. Tulsa’s latest Economic Impact Study tracked that the arts and cultural sector in the Tulsa area is a $228,871,178 industry directly creating and supporting nearly 8,000 full time jobs, with thousands of additional jobs indirectly supported in restaurants, parking, childcare and more, in addition to generating over $21,800,000 in city tax revenue.  Beyond immediate and long-term economic impacts, arts forge a healthy social environment, build neighborhood vitality, promote health and wellness (including mental health), and foster youth development. Now and in the future, the health of our community relies on the health of our arts organizations.

There is a role for everyone in responding to and recovering from this public health emergency. Over the past 4 years, Arts Alliance Tulsa has worked to strengthen the Tulsa community by raising funds from individuals and businesses to support the nonprofit arts sector with cash grants and audience building services. AAT is currently focusing its resources to support the sector through data gathering, information sharing, and galvanizing financial support for general operating expenses, typically the most difficult yet critical funding to access. We stand firmly with the arts community every step of the way.

Thank you for standing with Tulsa’s arts and cultural community in this uncertain and unprecedented moment. Let’s stay strong TOGETHER!

Arts Alliance Tulsa encourages everyone to keep up to date with the latest recommendations from the Tulsa County Health Department and the Centers for Disease Control for reducing the risk of COVID-19 infection.