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Welcome to The Patron League

In a community where streets were unpaved and the former Indian Territory was now called Oklahoma, there were trailblazing pioneers who were determined that culture could flourish in the booming oil town of Tulsa. While oil barons built the Tulsa skyline, these cultural crusaders created the “soul of the city”.  Over 100 years later, their legacy is now reflected in the vibrancy of the city’s dynamic arts community and is the inspiration behind Arts Alliance Tulsa’s most distinguished group of individual donors.


Membership in The Patron League is reserved for those individuals committed to preserving and promoting the value, diversity, and advancement of arts and culture in Tulsa, from the world-class museum to the neighborhood playhouse. The guardianship and future growth of Tulsa’s cultural community has been entrusted to these visionaries who, like the early Tulsans, recognize that art is essential to life.


Membership in The Patron League is available to an individual (or a couple) who make an annual contribution of $1,000 or more to Arts Alliance Tulsa and is renewable on a rolling basis.

Payments may be at one-time, monthly and by check. If monthly or check is your preference, please contact Anna at

Levels of Annual Support

VISIONARY:                        $10,000 and above

GUARDIAN:                         $5,000 – $9,999

PROTECTOR:                      $3,000 – $4,999

ADVOCATE:                         $1,000 – $2,999

*For Charter Members of The Patron League:
A tree planted in your honor may be found at one of the following locations selected by Up With Trees:  Booker T. Washington High School, Hunter Park in south Tulsa and a designated Arts Alliance site near 21st and highway 169.

Join us!  Strengthen the health of the entire arts community through a single gift to Arts Alliance Tulsa.

Arts Alliance Tulsa
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TULSA, OK 74103
For more information, contact

Crisis is the Mother of … Reinvention

The Tulsa arts community is at a pivotal moment.

Tulsa has long been a city characterized by its celebrated cultural assets and its reputation for innovation, energy and creativity.

Now the disruptive forces of the Covid-19 crisis jeopardize the hard-fought battles won by previous generations to build the institutions and audiences that have created an unparalleled quality of life for our community.

Given the magnitude of the challenges and opportunities, Arts Alliance Tulsa believes it is time to reframe the role we play in safeguarding the long-term viability of the arts and cultural sector.  Our earlier initiative, the Jane Heard Clinton Society, focused on women only.  From that initial effort, AAT realized the need to broaden our purpose and vision, and to incorporate more voices and viewpoints – thus The Patron League was born.

Going forward, The Patron League will expand AAT’s outreach and encourage more community-wide participation to build a stronger, healthier, more dynamic Tulsa through support of the arts.

Special Message regarding The Patron League and the Coronavirus:

100% of all contributions made to Arts Alliance Tulsa (AAT) during the 2020 calendar year were directed to the Play Your pART Relief Fund where funds were allocated to AAT’s 43 arts nonprofit partners using needs-based criteria under the supervision of a community advisory committee.

Arts Alliance Tulsa is proud to be doing our part to ensure that these 43 local nonprofit arts organizations will emerge to once again offer citizens and visitors to Tulsa experiences, education, enrichment and entertainment that touch the heart, mind and soul

With ONE Gift You Help Protect, Sustain and Grow 43 Local Arts Organizations

108 Contemporary Gallery
American Theatre Company
The bART Center for Music
Chamber Music Tulsa
Choregus Productions
Circle Cinema
Clark Youth Theatre
Discovery Lab
Emelle Performing Arts Institute
Fab Lab Tulsa
Gilcrease Museum
Greenwood Cultural Center
Harmony Project Tulsa
Heller Theatre Company
Horton Records
Latimer-Cooksey Arts & Cultural Fdn.
Living Arts of Tulsa
NE Oklahoma Woodturners Assoc.
Oklahoma Performing Arts, Inc.
Philbrook Museum of Art
The Sherwin Miller Museum of Jewish Art

South Asian Performance Arts Fdn.
South Tulsa Children’s Ballet
Theatre North
Theatre Tulsa
Tulsa Artists’ Coalition

Tulsa Ballet
Tulsa Botanic Garden
Tulsa Chorale
Tulsa Girls Art School (TGAS)
Tulsa Glassblowing School
Tulsa Historical Society & Museum
Tulsa Little Jam

Tulsa Opera
Tulsa Performing Arts Center Trust
Tulsa Project Theatre
Tulsa Symphony Orchestra
Tulsa Youth Symphony
Vocal Pride Foundation
Waterworks Arts Center
Zephyrus Arts Institute