We all have questions and it’s good that we do! Here are a few answers to questions that we hope help you learn more about who we are and why it matters.

Arts Alliance Tulsa (AAT) is the only non-profit organization in northeast Oklahoma to provide critical supplemental operating funds to advance and strengthen arts and culture in our city.  Like the United Way, AAT offers a unique opportunity for individuals and corporations to impact MANY local and diverse non-profit arts and cultural institutions with ONE contribution.

Beyond rare and needed unrestricted grants awarded annually to grantee-member organizations, Arts Alliance Tulsa

  • generates market awareness to introduce new audiences and grow arts attendance;
  • Provides one-on-one support to any grantee-member in need of advice or connections.
  • promotes a greater understanding of the economic, educational and social impact of the arts;
  • advocates for equitable and inclusive access to the arts for all Tulsa citizens;
  • advances the importance of the arts in helping children succeed in school and beyond;
  • champions the belief that arts and culture inspire, empower and transform individuals and communities.
  • Data Warehousing: via annual applications, AAT began tracking the true impact of arts on our city, including economic impact;  the number people served by each organization;  demographics served and jobs created.  This will allow us to track our growth, strengths, and weaknesses as a city.
  • This list grows as we do and we love that!

Founded in 2015, Arts Alliance Tulsa is one of many “united arts funds” currently operating in the United States.  A 2003 study by the Urban Institute for Americans for the Artssuggests that those cities with united arts funds have stronger arts organizations than those without. Researchers found that those art organizations supported by a united arts fund had more revenue and twice the net worth of their counterparts in non-arts fund cities.

One gift helps support up to 40 arts organizations! Never stop giving to your passion projects, but this is a great way to support many others important organizations that add to our cultural tapestry.


Before annual applications are presented to a board-appointed membership and allocation committee, any interested organization must meet the following criteria.

Grant Eligibility Criteria

  • Only EITHER non-profit arts, history, or culture organizations with 501(c)(3) state and federal tax-exempt status operating within the City of Tulsa, that have arts, history, or culture as its primary purpose and that provide those services and programs of significant quality and impact for the general public may apply.
  • Organizations must have completed three full years of continuous operation (application deadline must be at least two years from the date of 501(c)(3) determination).
  • Organization’s activities must be open and accessible to the general public.
  • Organization must be located in, serve, and benefit the City of Tulsa.
  • Organization’s mission must have arts, history, and/or culture as its primary purpose.
  • Organization must have an active board of directors.
  • Organization must have a well-defined annual operating plan and budget and provide any strategic or long-range plan.
  • Organization must have non-discrimination, conflict of interest, and accessibility policies.
  • No fees are charged to any organization applying for an annual grant.

Each organizations must apply every year to be an AAT member. 

No organization is “grandfathered” in, so the answer is yes. The number may change if eligibility requirements are not met, if organizations merge, etc..

~Each year new applications are issued and organizations can apply. This will allow us to determine if all organizations are following best business practices and give us the data we need to further support the arts.

It is the job of Arts Alliance Tulsa to vet our organizations so our supporters can feel confident in their donation.

Annual grant allocations are decided upon by a sub-committee of AAT’s Board of Directors.  Organizations are awarded according to each organization’s previous overall fundraising results and the overall size (budget) of the organization.

No. Both organizations are structured similarly.  We both make it possible for a single donations to benefit many non-profit organizations ; but Arts Alliance Tulsa supports Arts and Culture in Tulsa.

We keep dialogue and relationships with the United Way open and continue to encourage their efforts for social services in our community.

None of our arts organizations receive funding from The United Way.

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