Photo: Tulsa Chorale

Photo: Zephyrus Drum & Bugle Corps
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Grant Eligibility Criteria

We’re excited you are here at the first steps.

  • Only EITHER non-profit arts, history, or culture organizations with 501(c)(3) state and federal tax-exempt status operating within the City of Tulsa, that have arts, history, or culture as its primary purpose and that provide those services and programs of significant quality and impact for the general public may apply.
  • Organizations must have completed three full years of continuous operation (application deadline must be at least two years from the date of 501(c)(3) determination).
  • Organization’s activities must be open and accessible to the general public.
  • Organization must be located in, serve, and benefit the City of Tulsa.
  • Organization’s mission must have arts, history, and/or culture as its primary purpose.
  • Organization must have an active board of directors.
  • Organization should have a well-defined annual operating plan and budget and at least a two-year strategic or long-range plan.

Organization must have non-discrimination, conflict of interest, and accessibility policies.

Member Grantees

What they say

Our alliance with AAT has greatly enhanced our position in the arts community in Tulsa and beyond. We have learned so much more about our “fellows” and actively seek to participate in programs and various offerings provided by these affiliated member organizations. Our presence is growing and there is notably more “name recognition” because of our association with AAT. We’re also inspired by the work you accomplish setting a higher bar for us to reach! 

WaterWorks Art Center